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Aura follows a unique part numbering system to identify each type of fitting. The part numbering system is built up as follows :-

  • The first one or two digits denotes the O/D size of the fitting. '1' stands for a sixteenth of an inch. For example 2 = 1/8", 5 = 5/16", 8 = 1/2".

  • In the case of metric standard O/Ds, the first one or two digits directly denotes the O/D size of the fitting. For example , 4 = 4 mm, 2=12 mm so forth. Also, in the case of metric size fittings, the first one or two digits are followed by 'm'.

  • The letters following the O/D identification denote the type of fitting. For example, AMC stands for Aura Male Connector.

  • The last one or two digits represent the thread size and are expressed in sixteenths of an inch. For example, 2=1/8", 8 = 1/2".

Standard fittings have the following features:-

  • Material : 316 SS, fabricated from bar stock.

  • Pipe threads : NPT

  • Ferrules : Double compression

Other standards / materials to be specified while ordering.


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