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The Advantages of such fittings are:
  • Facility of assembling with self aligning front and back rings
  • Low tightening torque (the nut is of non-binding design)
  • Controlled tightening effect, distortion of the tube without rupture of fibres, minimum reduction of tube bore size
  • No twisting of the tube when fitting
  • Withstands high vacuum and pressure
  • Re-usable, can be assembled and taken apart several times
  • Recommended for use with thin and thick walled tube

AURA Compression tube fittings are available with NPT/BSPT/ISO/UNF Threads.

As part of the standard QA program, all Aura fittings conform to various test procedures as adapted and laid down by such standard as BS 4368 Part IV. As a standard design, the nut threads are silver plated so as to increase their resistance to seizing and galling of nuts on body.


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