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Since 1989 Aura has been providing single point turnkey solutions, detailed engineering and System Integration services in the Control and Instrumentation vertical of the Process manufacturing sector worldwide. Our 24x7 follow the sun model, leveraging our multiple facilities between the US, Milan and India allows us to offer optimized solutions to our valued clients. In the last 17 years we have developed partial and complete solutions for many process applications that range from Refinery, Oil and Gas, Fertilizer, Power, Sugar, Paper, Water treatment, Chemicals, Oil Loading Terminals and other related processes. These have been engineered to execute on Siemens, Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Schneider, Yokogawa, ABB & Honeywell systems, to name a few.

These projects have been delivered to many leading global companies like ABB Instruments, Siemens, Emerson Process Management, Larsen &Toubro Ltd, Punj Lloyd Ltd, Siirtec Nigi spa , Ausy srl, MRS srl, Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals , Khanna Paper Mills. These C&I packages and detailed engineering and Field Services included Field Instruments, Control Room Instruments , PLC's and various Electrical and Panel mounted systems. Our engineering comply with global standards and we work on INTOOLS, INSTRUCAL, ETAP, EMTP and PLC related HMI/MMI platforms . Most of our engineering and Field Service staff have come from ABB, Emerson and other leading companies and we have hundreds of years of on the job work experience . Added to that is our global management experience of the US, Europe and Asia - we use this to deliver customer centric solutions. To augment this , we send our Engineering/Project Manager to client location periodically who coordinates all work being executed at our Design and Engineering Center in New Delhi-India. We currently have 36,000 manhours available for Engineering, Drawings and Project Management which we continuously scale to meet specific project requirements .



We have pioneered the concept of outsourced Engineering Services exclusively for the process control and automation industries. It is a method by which a defined deliverable is provided by external resources without the need to hire additional or contract staff. We provide outsourced engineering services for all engineering phase of a process automation project.

Our presence in India provides us the ability to deliver exceptional round-the-clock customer support and satisfaction. It also furthers Aura's key global initiatives-to quickly deliver competitive advantage of true follow - the - sun capabilities (24X7). All the three direct operating offices at US, Italy and India have dedicated high-speed Internet connectivity (upload and download speeds of over 100 K bits/ sec.) that allows easy deliverables to customers around the world.

Specialist Instrumentation engineers convert the Instrumentation package into detailed engineering drawings. Computer aided design techniques are extensively used as designing aids to help develop optimum layout and design to assure maximum operational and maintenance convenience.



Pre bid analysis and Engineering

Post bid engineering comprising of:
  • Control Philosophy

  • P & I drawings

  • Data sheet formulation for various instruments like:
    Flow / Level / Pressure / Differential Pressure / Temperature Transmitters; Pressure Gauges / Level Gauges / Pressure Switches / Differential Pressure Switches / Level Switches; Current to Pneumatic and Pneumatic to Current Converters / Isolators / Multipliers / Limit Value Monitors / Annunciators / Temp. Scanners; Gas Chromatographs and Analyzers; Final Control Elements like Control Valves, Orifice Assemblies, Damper Actuators and others

  • Flow calculations / sizing of various Instruments like Control Valves; Orifice Plates / Flow Nozzles / Venturies / Intake / Cones / Anubars / Aerofoils and others

  • Sizing of UPS and Calculations for UPS Batteries / Load Calculations of various instruments coming in the panels

  • Functional Schematics

  • Instrument Hook up drawing showing different methodology of installation of instruments depending upon the applications per engineering standards

  • Junction Box Grouping

  • Cable Routing

  • Cable Schematic / Termination

  • Tray Layout

  • Power Distribution Schemes

  • Interlock Schematics

  • General Arrangement for Panels, Cabinets and Marshalling Racks

  • Installation and Start up





System Lay-out Design
  • Control Philosophy and Schematics

  • Electrical Device function and placement

  • Interconnection Diagrams
Controller Specification
  • Sizing, Selection and Configuration of DCS / PLC systems like SIEMENS: Teleperm ME+, PCS 7; Allen Bradley: SLC 500/PLC 5 Series/Controllogix; Schneider and GE Fanuc Systems; Honeywell: XL 500/XFL 5000 and others

  • Selection of Communication Networks (type, media and other accessories)

  • Selection of I/O modules (Integrated / Distributed)
Software Development
  • I/O Addressing

  • Data Base formulation

  • Loops and Logics Design (using Ladder, Function Block, Sequential Flow Chart or Structured Text languages)

  • Expertise on respective programming platforms like SIEMENS: Step 7, S7-GRAPH and WIN AC; Allen Bradley: RSLogix 5, RSLogix 500 and RSLogix 5000; Honeywell: Care, EBI and others




HMI Development
  • Supervisory Control Design using WIN CC, RSView32, XBS, EBI, Intellution, Wonderware, Simplicity, Labview and others

  • Panel mounted HMI Design using PanelView, SIMATIC OP3/OP7/OP17/TP170 and others




Partial List of Projects Executed:
  • Intech S.p.A., Italy - Gas Analyzer System

  • SIIRTEC Nigi Italy S.p.A / IOCL Guwahati

  • L&T - IOCL Digboi

  • Mitsui Constructions

  • Fatec- Italy

  • Punj Lloyd Ltd.

  • Honeywell / BPCL - Terminal Automation Sanganer

  • Honeywell / BPCL - Terminal Automation Salawas

  • Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited-Intech,Italy

  • Oswal Chemicals and Fertilizers

  • Khanna Paper Mills, Amritsar
  • Hindustan Insecticides.

  • Indo Gulf Chemicals and Fertilizers

  • essel - Khudramukh Iron and Steel Co.

  • Siemens / Hindalco -- Turbine and Boiler Package

  • Emerson - Continental Carbon Reactor Project

  • Ausy srl-Italy : Data sheets for Field Instruments for Isocracker Plant in a Refinery in Europe.

  • MRS srl-Italy : Loop Schematics, Sizing Calculations, Data sheet, Installation Drawings for Field Instruments in a Refinery DeNox/DeSox application in Europe.

  • Petroleum / Petro-Chemical

  • Electrical Utility

  • Water / Waste water

  • Food and Beverages

  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical

  • Metal

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Off sites and Utilities

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