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AURA INC. is commited to providing the highest quality products and services. Quality is designed into an AURA product at every stage from conceptual design through to manufacturing and testing. Tha quality effort is headed by G.G.Arora, our Quality Assurance Manager and reports directly to the CEO. He has over eighteen years of experience in all areas of the quality process. Regular Quality Review meetings are held to ensure that quality remains the first responsibility of every AURA team member.

Aura Quality Assurance Program

As part of AURA's standard Quality Assurance program, all products conform to various test procedures as adopted and laid down by such standards as ANSI, ASTM, ASME, BS, DIN. The tests as specified and carried out include:

  • Visual inspection of raw material

  • Ultrasonic testing of raw material

  • Chemical analysis

  • Dimensional check

  • Thread Go/No Go check

  • Pneumatic pressure test

  • Impulse test

  • Pressure impulse test

  • Vibration test

  • Make & break hydrostatic test

  • Wet calibration of flow elements

  • Temprature cyclic test

  • Helium leak test

  • Radiographic test for welds

  • Crush test

  • Blend test

  • Tensile test

  • Flexibility test

Aura Quality Assurance team

Nothing non-conforming gets past them !!!!


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