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The Total Quality Management System employed by Aura Inc. covers all aspects of Engineering, Documentation, Production Planning, Incoming Inspection, Stage Inspection, Final Product Inspection, Packing & Despatch. The system ensures appropriate action in our Customer Service, Engineering and Manufacturing divisions, to produce and maintain adequate documentation and inspection systems capable of producing evidence that material or services conform to the specified requirements, through all stages of the company's operations.

Total Quality Management at Aura Inc. is an on-going process that is constantly upgraded and monitored to keep pace with the company's growth rate and diversification plans.

The Quality Program includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Standard Operating Procedures and standard formats to ensure high degree of accuracy in interpreting and responding to client requirements for technical information and quotations.

  • Order entry and production planning systems ensure that client orders are entered and processed with a clear understanding of client requirements so that the final product conforms to the Purchase Order requirements by way of product specifications and delivery.

  • Documentation control and conformance to International Standards & practices ensures a high degree of accuracy and quality of Engineering.

  • Supervision of quality procedures at sub vendor's works to ensure that incoming materials are processed and manufactured to Aura's purchase specifications, thus ensuring that final production plans are on schedule.

  • Quality plans for individual products covering all aspects of incoming, stage & final inspection including parameters to be checked, reference documents, methods of checking, instruments used, frequency of checking, format of recording and person responsible.

  • Standards & procedures for packing and standard despatch documentation ensure that products are adequately packed for the mode of shipment and documentation is accurate and meet requirements of client purchase orders, airlines/ shipping lines & customs at the ports of despatch and entry.
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